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A Surgeon's Heart: The Crisis is the third novel in this series which tells the story of the systematic destruction of the American health care system. For those who have been called to the medical profession and have dedicated their lives to the Oath of Hippocrates, what has been happening and continues to happen is a tragedy of epic proportions. Theirs is a story that is not being told by the talking heads and political pundits who attempt to "enlighten" everyone regarding what health care is, and why they need someone else to be responsible for ensuring it. 

For such a story to have a lasting impact the characters must feel real, and the reader must relate to them on an emotional level. Jack Roberts is just such a character. Jack is a fictional pediatric heart surgeon who is just like many physicians we have all known. He is grounded in his core principles and traditional ethics. He is surrounded by forces which strive to change him into something much different. His heart is dedicated to those whom he serves, not to the growing forces of corporate greed and government controls, but his resolve is tested by personal crisis. 
​     While the story is about health care, it is more about the people who provide life-changing services to those in desperate need. It's about individuals who are engaged in intimate relationships surrounding all different matters of the heart. In this case, it's the tale of A Surgeon's Heart, and The Crisis.

Book 3

​A Surgeon's Heart Series

447 pages

The Crisis

Davonna and Jo talk about The Crisis


Book 4 in the series 

The Choice