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American medicine is constantly changing, and the independent physician’s central role is being challenged by those who would seek to control the patient-physician relationship by taking health care into the realm of the payers. Major conflicts arise whenever doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators are lured into a system filled with perverse social and economic incentives. The Conflict is typical of countless stories being played out across America, where the rapidly changing conditions brought on by government and corporate interference raise profound questions about basic components including motivation, commitment and trust, both now and in the years to come.
Jack grows desperate to defend his traditional values and ethical principles embodied in the sacred Hippocratic Oath. He is convinced that it's the system that offers the greatest threat to his ability to provide life-saving care to children with critical cardiac ailments. The seasoned surgeon decides he must take action to combat this covert threat to the lives of those he is sworn to serve. He embarks on a personal crusade against the system, but as the story unfolds, he encounters powerful unseen forces determined to destroy him and the obstacle he poses to their sinister plan.

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A Surgeon's Heart: The Conflict is the second book in this series, and continues the story of Jack Roberts as he struggles with the devolving American health care system, where corporate profits and government controls threaten to seize the entire medical profession. Jack's son, David, is a brilliant young man who aspires to follow in his father's footsteps, despite the rapidly changing health care environment. Jack fears his son will be swept up in this system that treats physicians simply as interchangeable parts in a complex health care machine. 

Book 2

A Surgeon's Heart Series

466 pages

The Conflict

NOW AVAILABLE - book 3 in the series - The Crisis