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Book 5

A Surgeon's Heart series
451 pages

The Challenge  of a lifetime awaits Dr. Jack Roberts when he embarks on the creation of an exciting alternative to the increasingly corrupt American health care system. His vision for the future of medicine comes alive in the remote mountains of Central America, as he challenges those around him to join in his passionate pursuit of ...                                                          A Surgeon’s Heart

“From the days of Hippocrates, the physicians' responsibility is to save lives and to support the ill with our best effort. The fundamental ethical code in decision making is ‘for’ the patient, never for the society, never for the care takers' convenience, and never for the financial gain of anyone. We are at the brink of ethical disintegration. The author's message is extremely valuable and I encourage everyone to read his entire series.”                                           Hisashi Nikaidoh, M.D.

“Beautifully written and skillfully communicates the issues. As doctors and healers we aim for perfection and complete restoration of health. But in the final analysis health care is so much more than that. Empathy and care of the individual cut to the soul. The human experience of illness, suffering, loss of independence and reliance on those caring for you, challenges one's dignity and perception of self. In that hour true health ‘care’ occurs.”                                         Dan Craviotto, MD

The Challenge