March 22, 2016 - Jamie Jordan, President, The FlexSTICK Co., on Amazon - 5 STARS - OUTSTANDING! ENTERTAINS WHILE EDUCATING THE READER.  "This compelling story grabs your heart (no pun intended) from the first page , keeping you entertained while exposing the increasing conflicts of interest that are impeding the high quality of care that had previously defined our American medical system. As an inventor & manufacturer of a device that is partially reimbursable via insurance plans and Medicare, I deal with people who have a variety of medical ailments and conditions. The frustration these folks express regarding the recent changes in our healthcare industry is ever increasing. Dr. Sewell points out the changes in attitudes and systems that have become so prevalent in our healthcare system with a gripping story that intertwines real life & death situations and the processes of how these situations are handled by physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, family members and concerned loved ones. Outstanding!" 

January 25, 2016 - Linda Lipp Martin on Amazon - Who knew Dr. Sewell was a gifted author as well as surgeon?? "This is a very well written, thought provoking novel. I can't wait to read the next three books. Dr. Sewell definitely does have the heart of a servant. He is a dedicated, principled physician and surgeon. It's easy for me to affirm that since my husband and I have both blessed by his surgical skills over the years."

May 4, 2015 - Donna Rovito on Amazon - 5 Stars - Insightful read - "Insightful and extremely readable look at the practice of medicine in today's world."
April 19, 2015 - Benton M. Hilbun, M.D.- 4 STARS - Enjoyed It - "I am a retired General/Thoracic Surgeon and Clinical Professor of Surgery Emeritus , Depart.of Surgery ,University of Mississippi, Jackson, MS. Trained by Professor James D. Hardy. My son in law is the current President and CEO of the North Mississippi Medical Center here in Tupelo where I have lived for forty years. I enjoyed a perfect practice in that I was in private practice, in control of that practice, and director of the general surgery residency program at NMMC( a devision of the University Medical Center in Jackson) which was a non- stipend position. I had a great career and helped to train hundreds of young residents. No political or academic pressure , and no restrictions on the number of hours that the residents could spend in the hospital learning the art of surgery. I say this to extend to you congratulations to you for your published novels. I have just completed the first book( on loan from Sam Pace).. and found it to put the problems of our national health care program squarely in front of the reader. I am doing my best to keep my son in law informed and encouraged to maintain a good relationship with the medical staff as each entity struggles with gaining a foot hold. I have the three subsequent novels, again on loan from Sam, and look forward to the read. Thank you for the willingness to write, I hope many young physicians will discover these novels/ educational gems." Benton Hilbun 

April 17, 2014 - Amazon Reader - 5 Stars! Kept me reading for hours! "This story captivated me from the first page. Jack is intriguing, inspiring and intense at times. His journey and passion show through. Dr. Sewell has a way of keeping you wanting more. I continued to turn page after page to see what would happen next. I look forward to more from Dr. Sewell. His style and character development is on par with some of the best writers out there. Keep it up and keep them coming sir! Well Done. A must read.."

December 28, 2014 - Scott S. - 5 STARS - Terrific Read "I couldn't put the books down. I read the first 3 books of the series over a 10 day period. Very well written, and the character development and plots intertwine well. I wish I could spend some time with Dr Jack Roberts. He is my kind of guy! Through the character of Jack Roberts, you demonstrate for the reader the essence of what it is to be a great physician and surgeon! I can't wait to get book 4 in February of 2015."

April 7, 2014 - Rebecca on Amazon - 5 Stars! Captivating read! "I highly recommend this book. Could not put it down, a real page-turner. Looking forward to more stories from this author."

April 6, 2014 - Davonna Kovalic - 5 Stars! Terrific Read "This is one of those books I could not put down. I fell in love with the characters and their caring hearts. Dr. Sewell has an amazing way of explaining the crisis our nation is facing today with new regulations in health care, and how these changes gravely affect not only the consumer, but those called to serve in the profession, as well. LOVED this book and cannot wait for "The Conflict!"

Mar 9, 2014 - Linda Fitzpatrick on - 5 Stars! AMAZING STORY THAT IS A MUST READ!! - "The Calling is one of those novels that, from the first page, you don't want to put down! You immediately fall in love with the main characters, as well as all the families they touch; you share their passion for their profession, you cry, you love, you fear, you cheer and you feel, most of all, their anger when all they have worked for is slowly being taken away and changed forever! Not only does this novel expertly draw you into the lives of each of these characters, you also realize the vast uncertainty that our own Doctors are having to face today. The author has this amazing way of allowing the reader to understand exactly what our healthcare, and the way we have always known it, is doomed to become! I cannot wait for the next two books in this series!!"

Feb 26, 2014 - SJ on - 5 Stars! GREAT READ!- "Touching story - very easy to read , a real page turner. So glad this is a "series" because I want the story to go on and on and on!"

Mar 6, 2014 - Sharron Forrest on - 5 Stars! GREAT READ!- "Thoroughly enjoyed this book! The author has given those of us who aren't involved in the medical profession a glimpse into the impact recent changes to American health care have had (and will continue to have) on our physicians and the quality of our health care. And he combines that with the passion of everyday life, making this book hard to put down! Eagerly awaiting the sequel!"

Feb 6, 2014 - Iggy on - 5 Stars! FANTASTIC!- "Compelling story, I could not put it down. It really relates to healthcare in the US and I fell in love with the characters. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book."

December 18, 2015 - Dr, Carol E.H. Scott-Conner on Amazon - 5 STARS - A compelling story line with highly believable characters. "The reader becomes highly invested in the fates of the pediatric congenital heart surgeon protagonist and his small patients, as a storm gathers. I'm eager to read the next book in the series."

October 12, 2016 - cchaseon on Amazon - 4 STARS - "The story followed a fairly predictable path. The main thing that I found surprising in the book was how busy a pediatric heart surgeon is. I had no idea that so many people are born with heart maladies. Some appear at birth, other manifest when the child is older. So in that regard, the book was excellent in teaching about a part of the medical world to which I had previously been completed devoid of knowledge. Since I am interested in the inner workings of the medical world, the story held my attention."

December 17, 2017 - Don Billetts - Harvest Outreach Ministries on Amazon - 5 STARS - "Great story that shows the reality and reasoning of today's declining healthcare system. Characters are real and believable. No profanity was a big plus. I look forward to reading more of this series!"

December 6, 2014 - Monica A. "To me, your book is about conservatism, decency, and Christian loving kindness without calling it that. You show the readers what it looks like at all levels of life, including medicine. Your love story is how we all wished it were when we were “innocent”. It’s how we hope our kids fall in love, and wish we did. A marriage proposal prior to sex!!!!! unheard of in these times. Hats off to you for writing it that way, and good for you sparing us the sex, but not sparing the courtship and romance. Few women even know what courtship is! It reminded me of the old movies when they left some things to the imagination, yet it left everyone feeling the romance and eroticism of it. Kissing and sincere “sweet talking” is a lost form or love in our pop culture.

I am only half way through, but I believe I am in your book too. Healthcare has become a business, not a calling and I feel it too on the commercial side when products are not approved or are delayed because of dollars versus patient benefits.

I look forward to reading on and finishing, and starting the next book. You have me hooked. Great skill in moving the reader from past to present. This style really keeps the reader (me) engaged.

September 12, 2014 - Robert Waddell MD -  "I received a copy of your first book from Mary Lou Carey several weeks ago. Took me a while to get started on it but once I read the first chapter I could not put it down. Looking forward to reading the entire series. Congratulations on putting in words what most surgeons our age are struggling with on a daily basis!"

April 16, 2014 - Jenn on Jenn's Review Blog - "I fell in love with this book almost immediately. This is a fictionalized story but the characters and plot are so realistic that you think your reading non fiction. The story revolves around Dr Jack Roberts and his passion for medicine from a young age. As happens, everything changes as the world progresses, and passion takes a back seat to big business. This story was touching at times, and it was frustrating to see what the characters were dealing with at other times. There is so much uncertainty in the future of medicine and healthcare right now that this book will hit home with every reader. In among this story of health care big business and personal passion for his career you also see the love story and family life of Dr. Jack Roberts. This was an amazing book that I highly recommend. I can't wait to see what comes next!."

Mar 17, 2014 - Ayn Fan on - 5 Stars! A Surgeon's Heart: The Calling "The fictional story of Dr Jack Roberts lays out many of the issues physicians face today in trying to provide quality care. They work harder and longer for less compensation and more government regulations. Big corporations have taken over many practices, and large insurance companies try to tell doctors how to treat patients, what meds they will not cover, etc. This first book of Dr Sewell's sets up the premise for just how bad things can get under our new socialized health insurance system. I highly recommend reading this to see what is happening to the practice of medicine. It's not good."

Feb 6, 2014 - Debralyn10 on - 5 Stars! GREAT BOOK!- "Great book! I couldn't put it down. The characters seem like family and the healthcare issues this story deals with are true front page headlines and a subject we simply can't ignore. I can't wait for the next book in this series."

Mar 1, 2014 - Judy Poarch on - 5 Stars! A MUST READ!- "This captivating story tells of the passion Jack Robers has for medicine. It is written with knowledge of medicine and hospital politics and evokes emotions from the reader as the changes begin to take place. This heart warming story of family life and love will draw you in and as these characters take on their challenges, you will feel that you are part of the family. I can't wait for Book 2!"

March 29, 2016 - Robbi A. Ellison on Amazon - 5 STARS - "I loved this book because the characters were so much like my own family. Their devotion to the medical profession is exactly what I have witnessed. My husband works tirelessly for his patients for no other reason than a genuine willingness to help them. I would recommend "The Calling" to everyone as a way of understanding the traditions and commitments of the medical profession. Having physicians who've experienced a "calling" to medicine is critical to us all and is something that I fear we are losing. I'm eager to get started on the rest of the series!"

March 28, 2015 - Gary Smith, M.D. - "I met you in Maui at the Westin (down by the pool) where you told me about your books. I had just retired from my Urology practice at UCLA. You were so kind as to give me the first 3 (autographed) editions. I have read the first book with great interest and enjoyment and half way through the second. I have to say that there were a lot of parallel experiences between Jack's life and mine. I have so enjoyed reading these and feel like in some instances you have written about my life. I have purchased the fourth book and look forward to the fifth. Thanks for this great series."

February 2, 2016 - Mitzi Booth on this site -  (The Entire Series) 5 STARS - Terrific Read - "I've read the entire series and can't say enough good things. You fall in love with the characters from the start, and I couldn't put the books down. I had no idea that the American health care system had declined as much as it has. Thank you, Dr. Sewell, for enlightening us. Please keep your books coming!"

Sept 26, 2015 - Alex Lubarsky - 5 STARS - Thrillingly Delicious Read! - "I'm more of a business and health care policy reader, in fact I don't remember ever reading a novel. But The Calling explains the troubling state of the US health care system in a story that is filled with drama, love, struggle and humanity. Now I understand when people say 'I could not put it down' this is a great book and a fascinating story!

Sept 23, 2015 - Rdb7777 on iBooks - 5 Stars - A Necessary Perspective on Healthcare - "In recent times, due to a number of external forces (e.g. governmental, economic, & empirical), the physician's role in medicine seems have become marginalized. Often misrepresented by mainstream media is that medicine still is a "calling" for almost all physicians. Appealing to those with or without a medical background, A surgeon's Heart: The Calling, is a well written, highly captivating, novel that provides the reader with a rarely seen perspective on the challenges faced by American healthcare providers nearly every day. But, this story goes beyond the doctors and nurses who care for us in our times of greatest vulnerability. It is a story about all of us on the verge of history in decline. Will we re-embrace medicine's "calling" once again?"