A Heart Surgeon's review - 5 stars  
By H Nkaidoh on February 9, 2016 Amazon Verified Purchase
"The author, Dr. Robert Sewell, wrote this short introductory message [The Code] for his five volume work, A Surgeon's Heart. As a heart surgeon who worked on children and babies with congenital heart defects for well over 40 years, I share the emotions with the principal character of the book, Dr. Jack Roberts. I was criticized and even ridiculed when I was performing open heart operations on Down syndrome children in the early part of 1980s. The criticism was that I was "wasting" precious resources on children who would not contribute to the society in a "positive" manner. As the prenatal diagnoses of serious congenital heart defects are leading to numerous abortions in Europe, we have to come back to the sanctity of life, all over again. From the days of Hippocrates, the physicians' responsibility is to save lives and to support the ill with our best effort. The fundamental ethical code in decision making is "for" the patient, never for the society, never for the care takers' convenience, and never for the financial gain of anyone. We are at the brink of ethical disintegration. The author's message is extremely valuable and I encourage everyone to read his five book series."      

Hisashi Nikaidoh, M.D., FACS, FAAP. 

Fiction - Based on the Realities of Our Crumbling Healthcare System 


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A Surgeon's Heart

Reviews of the Series

​Carol Jennings Peat of Flagstaff, AZ. says,"Shameless plug for my friend Robert Sewell's new book series, A Surgeon's Heart. It's a must-read for anyone who will be affected by obamacare (pretty much everyone, in other words.) The first book is titled The Calling. The second book is titled The Conflict. The third is The Crisis. Do yourself a favor and read how physicians are trying to cope with loss of autonomy, massive government intrusion into their patient care and hence their decisions, and the decline of the greatest healthcare system ever in the world. This is a fascinating read!"

Dec 10, 2017 - Susan West- by direct email - 5 Stars - Exceptional story that kept me engaged  - "I just finished the series and can't wait for the next book The Commitment . As an ER nurse I have met Dr Sewell (in fact he operated on my Mother years ago) I can say I was spellbound by all the books and have told everyone that they are a must read. They are so on point and a great understanding of what is happening in our world which is not all good. Again can't wait for the next book. Thanks ."

5 Star 

A Heart Surgeon's series review - 5 stars  
 KMBon February 11, 2017 "I love Dr. Sewell's books. He knows medicine, and is an inspiration."

A conversation with the Author

Sewell Radio Interview 8/1/16

​The epic stories of a courageous surgeon's love affair with his profession, and his battle against the twin forces of political power and corporate greed which threaten his ability to provide life-saving care for children in desperate need.

Dr. Kris Held of San Antonio, TX says, "I cannot overstate the significance of this series of novels. A Surgeon’s Heart - The Calling, The Conflict, The Crisis, and now - The Choice. I am blessed to know Dr. Bob Sewell. He is an incredible physician, surgeon, and leader. Who would have known that he is also a gifted author. His characters and his story are so captivating - I feel like his characters are my personal friends. These are the kind of books that leave you longing for more. When you turn the last page, you miss the characters already. You cry, you curse, and you are compelled to do something. As a physician, these books are revealing and vindicating. I wish every American could read each one. The series is the perfect platform for a miniseries or more. Read them.  Thank you, Bob, for all you do."  

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A Surgeon's Heart: The Code

A prelude to the series of novels about the real threats to modern medicine. 

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Novels by  R.W. Sewell, M.D. ​

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